Helsinki's untamed heart

Stadi TV: Päätöksen äärellä keskusteluohjelma

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Internet TV production about East Helsinki's urban forests & urban planning

<p>This is a working group for those who are or want to be involved in the filming and production of a 1hr television discussion programme on the topic of the urban forests in Eastern Helsinki threatened by Helsinki’s building plans for Stadi TV community tv channel. We will be filming 3 x short films (inserts)in the forests of Laajasalo, Meri-Rastila, Kivinokka and Vartiosaari to focus the discussion around.</p> <p>Filming of inserts will take place on 12,13 & 14 May 2014 around East Helsinki <br />Filming of main discussion programme on 22 May at 13.00 in Vuosaari.</p>


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Becky Hastings

Project Administrator