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Mustavuori is located in Eastern Helsinki, east of Vuosaari. It is a valuable nature and recreational area. Mustavuori is part of the green strip stretching from Uutela all the way to the national park of Sipoonkorpi. Fortifications from the first World war are located in the area.

The nature reserve, the grove of Mustavuori and birdwaters of Östersundom, has very diverse nature, consisting of gulfs, beach meadows and rocky hills surrounded by groves. The grove of Mustavuori and birdwaters of Östersundom form, with the neighboring Porvarinlahti, a Natura 2000 area.

Getting there

Metro (Mellunmäki)

Buses 93, 560, 841


  •     Type: Recreational and nature protection area
  •     Size: 100 ha
  •     Neighborhoods: Mellunmäki, Vuosaari, Östersundom
  •     Nature: Old growth forests, groves
  •     Animals: Important bird habitat
  •     Services: Nature trail, parking

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