Helsinki's untamed heart


Kasaberget-Kasakallio rises clearly above its surroundings, and is located east of Mustavuori. The nature around the area is rocky hills surrounded by old pine forests. At the top of the hill is a grave mound dating back to Bronze Age. A millenium ago, before the upthrust, when the land was lower and Porvarinlahti and Vartiokylänlahti was connected by a strait, the hill probably functioned as an important watch, similarly as Vartiovuori. The area is partially protected because of the geology.

Getting there

Buses 93, 841


  •     Type: Recreational and nature protection area
  •     Size: 6.7ha (the nature protection area)
  •     Neighborhoods: Östersundom, Mellunkylä
  •     Nature: Rocky forests, old pine forests

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