Helsinki's untamed heart

Broändan laakso

Back in the day, a millennium or so ago, there was a lot more water in the valley of the Broända’s brook, connecting Vartiokylänlahti to Porvarinlahti. Due to the upthrust the strait has dried, and nowadays all that remains is the brook of Broända, which begins from Mustavuori. The bank of the brook with its springs functioned as an important ecological pathway between the sea and inland, and the lush grovy alder forests attracted birds. Currently the situation has degraded significantly due to the work commissioned by the city of Helsinki to protect the shore of Vartiokylänlahti from floods.


Photographs: Hanna-Leena Ylinen

Getting there

  • Metro (Puotila, Rastila)
  • Bussit 93, 97V


  •     Type: Recreational and nature protection area
  •     Neighborhoods: Puotila, Rastila, Vuosaari
  •     Nature: Grovy alder forests, springs. Now partially a worksite.
  •     Animals: Bird habitat

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