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<p>What does LNT mean? Why LNT?<br/><br/>Ok so don't leave any stuff behind but wat to do about packaging of food etc?<br/><br/>-&gt; what kinda options could be used to package stuff to minimize the amount carry on and minimize the waste<br/><br/>Found an article about LNT from Wiki<br/>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leave_No_Trace <br/></p>


<p>What would this be called in Finnish? We could perhaps combine these with Everyman's Rights to produce somekind of outdoor 'code' or 'guidelines' for spending time in our urban wildernesses. Would there be any new elements we need to take into account given that they are near or within urban areas?<div><br/></div><div>Suomeksi</div><div>http://www.luontoon.fi/jokamiehenoikeudet</div><div><br/></div><div>In English</div><div>http://www.outdoors.fi/en/hikinginfinland/rightsandregulations</div></p>
<p>Hi Becky. That sounds like a good idea. I have to look into it as I only know the basics of it. <br/><br/>I wonder how this could be done in a easy to understand way to not make things too complicated? <br/><br/>"Would there be any new elements we need to take into account given that they are near or within urban areas?" What do you mean?<br/><br/>Also I need to add this to remember it later:<br/>http://www.cigwaste.org/butt-faq/   (found it with a quick search so maybe not the best source)<br/><br/>it would be nice to have some graphs to show how many butts are left out there and how long they actually take to compost, and then point out that one can take a travel ashtray with them to put them to (could be made from almost anything that is sealed well enough=)<br/><br/>I'm moving from Vantaa to Espoo this week so I'll not be able to be that much in the net. I'll try to see if I can find a paper version of jokamiehenoikeudet to read while I'll be going through net withdrawals.<br/></p>
<p>not sure what to call it in finnish<br/></p>
<p>Ok I think I've been trying to make things way too complicated before. I think simply stating that using preferrably recyclable and biodegradable things, like those fancy biodegradable soaps, could be the way to go.<br/><br/>"Pack it out" and leave no trace. <br/><br/>Jokaihmisenoikeus I have no idea about now, but I guess in the urban wilderness that is not a private property one can easily just hang out without making anyone feel bad about someone camping in the woods. I guess that is kinda the idea of it?<br/></p>