Helsingin henkireiät
Box pro helsinki map
<p><p>Urban Helsinki, a collective of architects, urban researchers, urban activists and artists have published their alternative to the city&#39;s masterplan. The plan has impressed members of the city planning board. By proper use of infill building and boulevardisation, the alternative&nbsp;plan promises to accommodate more than the estimated 250,000 additional new inhabitants expected to be with us by 2050 without having to lose our large areas of urban wilderness.</p></p> <p><p>Go and investigate the plan here:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.urbanhelsinki.fi/" target="_blank">http://www.urbanhelsinki.fi/</a>&nbsp;</p></p> <p><p>Let the official city planners know what you think here!:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.yleiskaava.fi/2014/varjoyleiskaava-valmistui/#comment-29292" target="_blank">http://www.yleiskaava.fi/2014/varjoyleiskaava-valmistui/#comment-29292</a></p> </p>